Mystery Vintage Sweater / Fleece / Hoodie /Tee

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May include, Sweatshirts or hoodies! To the value or even more of the selected price 🙏🏼

Packed with you in mind, leave a note / wish with your order at checkout - we’ll do our best for you. Name your favourite brand, colour, wether you’d prefer a fleece, sweater or hoodie. We can’t guarantee anything but who knows! 📦🥳

Mystery orders vary in specific contents (of course) if you choose Medium - you’ll get medium ish stuff (they’re may be a large fitting small, or a small fitting large) on the label. We do our best to standardise our sizing as you’ll see beside each of our items in brackets. (S) (M) (L) or (XL) etc.

Every item has been laundry washed, you won’t get anything dirty / smelly. We promise. 

Thanks for choosing 35mm Vintage! 


What happens if it doesn’t fit and I’d like to return it?

Happens all the time with online shipping, it’s one of the main issues. However, returns are absolutely no probs whatsoever! Just drop us a DM and we’ll help you out, refunds will be made in store credit.

Where do you get this stuff?

We seek the best vintage and pre loved garments from literally the whole world, Italy, America, UK, South America, you name it! We search eBay / depop / Etsy - so many sites to find exclusive pieces of the best quality and style for our web store. We even buy from our customers sometimes too. So if you have any cool items, and want a quick sale. Get onto us. We’d love to keep the money within the community.

Customer Reviews
Absolutely love this store, they reply so fast when I asked a question about an item. Cian got back to me so quick, helped out and the order came the next day. Thanks guys!!
— Kate F
Quality of the stuff is top class fair play lad
— Liam R
Get some many compliments on my 3 funky fleeces from your shop. Have all my friends checking you out this evening! Thanks so much x
— Chloe D
Got the coolest ski suit ever off you today, love it. Really good quality and condition. Can’t wait to hit the slopes now! Thanks for the keyring and stickers - they’re unreal
— Shaun H
10/10 vintage shop, love what you guys are doing. Depop and website has so much really nice bits, huge fan guys. Keep killing it ❤️
— Sinead C
Jacket came today, obsessed with it. Quality is so good. Came so fast. Nice one lads.
— Peter T
My 10th order came today, so cool how you guys noted that on the note. Love all the stuff as always, looking forward to the next drop! 👏🏼
— Aideen C